Our Team

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Tom & Donna Jones

Owners / Founders of Ironheadz

Together we have the same goals and desires the same likes and dislikes. We believe bodybuilding is for everyone for the poor & the rich, the weak & strong. We operate a totally free gym to the public and we also own a supplement store with 2 pro shops making sure what we sell is affordable to everyone. We offer a wide variety of supplements, personal trainers, meal plans, CBDs, Sarms, coffees, and athletic gear including clothing. Come visit one of our locations and possibly meet one of the Ironheadz family.

Ironheadz Sport Nutrition
500 Winchester Ave., Space 372, Ashland, KY 41101


BreAnna Bates

NPC Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor


Daniel Kilgore

NPC Body Building

I picked up a weight for the first tine when I was 13 years old for off season football weight training. That very moment is when I fell in love with working out. My journey has taken me to the collegiate level on a football scholarship to the military where I served in 1st Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. I now manage a gym and do personal training as my career choice. The greatest gift in life is when someone I have worked with tells me I have completely changed their life for the better. That’s what fuels my passion and fire.

Hunter Kenser

Hunter Kenser

NPC Body Building

I’ve been bodybuilding for about 2 years now. I competed after my first year in the classic physique division. Used to be a college basketball player and fell in love with the idea of lifting and being the best that I can possibly be. Working to become an IFBB pro by the time I’m 25. Been with ironheadz for a couple of months now and there are no better people to work with.

Liz Brisker

Elizabeth Brisker

NPC Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor

Liz is a Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor currently in her second year of the sport. When she isn’t training at the gym you can find her serving her community, by working in her hometown hospital as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Liz is also a second generation welder and metal fabricator. She has combined her passion for strength training and welding to provide American-made custom gym and fitness equipment through her brand, Virus Strength Systems.